USA tour diary and more on our Vlog channel

Take a look at this video we put together featuring some favourite memories and moments of daftness from behind the scenes of our fantastic US tour last month. Ah, all that sunshine! Here in the middle of a grey day in London, it seems like another world, and we can't wait to hit the States again in February and March of 2015.

If you like the video, why not subscribe to our MoreSwingles vlog channel on YouTube? We recently created the channel to give you a glimpse into how things go down offstage in our world. We'll still be using our main YouTube channel for any new music and official videos.

Oh, and welcome to the new website! As we get closer to the release of Deep End in early 2015 we'll be adding lots more content, and we'll use this blog page for news, updates, tour diaries and much more. Check back soon...

The Swingles