Pre-order your download of Folklore – and full tracklisting!

Folklore is now available to pre-order in digital form! Head over to Amazon or iTunes  and hit "pre-order" to hear the album as soon as it's released on 24 March. Pre-orders really help us to make a splash online too, so reserve your copy today!

And here is the full track listing for the album... we can't wait for you to hear all 12 of these beauties!

  1. The Undutiful Daughter (feat. Twelfth Day) – UK
  2. Lovers’ Desire – Afghanistan
  3. Bonas Dies, Comare – Sardinia
  4. Ili-Ili Tulog Anay – Philippines
  5. Unmade – Original
  6. Nem Às Paredes Confesso – Portugal
  7. Mo Li Hua – China
  8. Bučimiš (feat. Trichy Sankaran) – Bulgaria/India
  9. Nochen’ka – Russia
  10. Malaika – Tanzania/Kenya
  11. Sinä Täydennät Minut – Original
  12. Hard Times Come Again No More – USA
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