An announcement from Sara


We’re sad to announce that our wonderful Sara has decided that the time has come for her to move on from The Swingles. She will be leaving at the end of May 2018 after nine years as the group’s high soprano, crafter-in-residence, southern belle and diva extraordinaire. Her one-in-a-billion sound, radiant stage presence, kindness and silliness will be missed more than we can express here, but we intend to make the very most of our last months touring with her.

From Sara:

You know that feeling when you are approaching the end of a REALLY good chapter in a REALLY good book?  You almost refuse to believe it could be nearing a close even though you can feel the pages swishing by swiftly right to left. My Swingles chapter has changed my life forever in countless ways: I’ve had incredible adventures with the best of friends, travelled, laughed, cried, been scared to death, found true love even... but it’s time for a new chapter. I don’t know what’s in it but I know it will be good. I love you with all my heart, Swingles, do me proud.

Please join us in sending Sara all the love and luck in the world for whatever comes next… starting with her birthday celebrations tomorrow!

The Swingles