Introducing our new soprano!

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We’re delighted to announce that Federica Basile will be joining The Swingles as our new soprano from the end of July. At her audition we were all blown away by Federica’s beautiful sound, vocal versatility and magnetic stage presence. We think you will be too.

Federica comes from Padova in northern Italy, making her the first ever Italian member of the group. After obtaining a degree in East Asian Studies at Cà Foscari University of Venice, she trained in musical theatre at the Accademia del musical di Castrocaro, under Fabiola Ricci. Earlier in 2018 she starred in a musical version of Dante’s The Divine Comedy. Federica currently sings with Italy’s first Abba tribute band, and with Summertime Gospel Choir in Padova.

She says: “Joining The Swingles is an incredible and totally unexpected opportunity for both my artistic and personal growth, I’m still pinching myself to make sure I’m not dreaming! I’m thrilled and just can’t wait to start.”

Please welcome Federica as we begin a new chapter together!

Folklore out today – Unmade LIVE video!

Ladies and gentlemen, it's here! You can grab your digital copy of Folklore from iTunes right now. If you're in the UK and want to get your hands on a CD, we'll be selling the first batch at our three launch shows next week, in Manchester (29th), London (30th) and Buxton (31st). As for the rest of the world, we're working on setting up physical sales via Amazon, so watch this space. We're very proud of this album and we hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we've loved making it. We've also put up the full album credits HERE along with the stories behind the songs.

To celebrate the release, here's a live video of Unmade, recorded in session at The Yard Theatre in east London. Thanks to the brilliant folks at The Hideout for their gorgeous video work, and to Hugh Walker for recording and mixing the sound.

Pre-order your download of Folklore – and full tracklisting!

Folklore is now available to pre-order in digital form! Head over to Amazon or iTunes  and hit "pre-order" to hear the album as soon as it's released on 24 March. Pre-orders really help us to make a splash online too, so reserve your copy today!

And here is the full track listing for the album... we can't wait for you to hear all 12 of these beauties!

  1. The Undutiful Daughter (feat. Twelfth Day) – UK
  2. Lovers’ Desire – Afghanistan
  3. Bonas Dies, Comare – Sardinia
  4. Ili-Ili Tulog Anay – Philippines
  5. Unmade – Original
  6. Nem Às Paredes Confesso – Portugal
  7. Mo Li Hua – China
  8. Bučimiš (feat. Trichy Sankaran) – Bulgaria/India
  9. Nochen’ka – Russia
  10. Malaika – Tanzania/Kenya
  11. Sinä Täydennät Minut – Original
  12. Hard Times Come Again No More – USA

Folklore! New track Unmade, and UK launch gigs

Our album Folklore comes out this month! We're so excited to share some music with you ahead of the release on 24 March and our UK launch gigs in Manchester (29th), London (30th) and Buxton (31st). Hit up those links for your tickets!

The album is a diverse collection of music from all around the world, from the USA to Afghanistan, Portugal to the Philippines. We've loved delving into unfamiliar musical languages to find the melodies and stories that spoke loudest to us. Along the way we've been struck by the universal themes we found – birth, death, love, adversity and hope. And in the year since we embarked on this project, world events have made it seem particularly timely. The idea that our common humanity defines us more than the country we call home – this is more important to us than ever.

Although most of the album is made up of traditional music, we wanted to include some folk-flavoured originals too. Unmade was written by Ed and features a gorgeous lead vocal from Jon. The old-world intimacy of the handwritten letter was the starting point for the song, which speaks to a timeless worry – that a relationship might be just a few ill-chosen words away from ending. Our co-producer Nick Girard and mixer Jon Cotton did a fantastic job juggling the different elements of this track, with hints to Celtic folk and bluegrass as well as some backwards tape loops finding their way into a contemporary sound world. Enjoy!

 Image credit: The Swingles

Image credit: The Swingles


I laboured long to write my love a letter
In gloom of night it sped through silent streets
But something in those words I chose upset her
Now all I have are crumpled sheets

Unmade, unmade by this rough hand
In lines that can't be blotted
The bonds I thought I made so fast
So fast became unknotted

I waste each night with hours of wakeful turning
And turning over all I wish I'd said
The shame that lingers keeps my blushes burning
With crumpled sheets upon the bed

Unmade, unmade, this world we built
All swathed in down and cotton
The pillow holds her head's fair mould
Once gone, not soon forgotten
Once gone, not soon forgotten