Auditions: How To Apply

In addition to your head shot and CV/resume, we would like you to send us 4 short mp3/m4a recordings. Please send everything to by the end of 22 July 2018

At this link HERE you will find all the files and instructions you’ll need to send us recordings of a section of the Organ Fugue, a section of the solo in Ticket to Ride, an excerpt from a pop song of your choice (unaccompanied) and a lower vocal range example. You’ll find a folder containing scores, a folder containing recordings of the songs in context plus a folder containing Example Files. 

These example files are what we would like you to send back to us in your email, labelled with your name. The audio does not need to be of great quality. The examples in the folder were sung into the voice memos app in an iPhone. They are far from perfect as we really want to hear your natural voice rather than something that has been mixed or produced. 

Your email application should contain 6 attachments (if you need to spread them out over 2 emails that's fine!):

  1. Photo (jpeg/png format please)
  2. CV/resume (pdf format please)
  3. Your Name Fugue.mp3/m4a
  4. Your Name Ticket.mp3/m4a 
  5. Your Name Pop Choice Title.mp3/m4a
  6. Your Name Range.mp3/m4a

A little info on the extracts we'd like you to sing for us:

Organ Fugue

Please record yourself singing the first subject on the S2 line, until bar 10.

We’re looking for a straight, clear tone, no vibrato, and preferably in head voice. Try not to crescendo through each individual note. Listen out in the examples for the way there is a slight bounce on each ‘bam’. In bars 5 and 7 make sure to bring out the lower notes on beats 2 and 4. 

Ticket to Ride

Please record yourself singing the solo in the alto line.

Feel free to sing this one much more soloistically in terms of feel and phrasing. A little shimmer or vibrato is also fine. Still in a soft ‘singer/songwriter’ tone.

Pop Song Choice

Just a short excerpt from a pop song of your choice, no longer than 1 minute. Unaccompanied/a cappella please and preferably something that again showcases a soft speech quality. 

Range Example

Please sing a descending exercise on "lah dah dah", moving chromatically down the scale. (The score example has been notated on the tenor staff to avoid too many ledger lines.) Feel free to start higher than this example, but we'd like you to keep going all the way down to the bottom of your range.

We're looking for:

  • A soft, speech quality. A warm sound, but a little breathy.
  • No crescendo on each note, just keep the volume roughly the same.
  • No vibrato. Even on the end of the note, try to keep it really straight.
  • Very soft consonants on the 'd' of 'dah' in particular.
  • Don't worry about it sounding pretty - we know this will feel a bit technical and unmusical!

Thanks so much for taking the time!