BARITONE Auditions: How To Apply

We would like you to send us 5 short mp3/m4a recordings, as well as a head shot and a CV/resume detailing your musical experience as well as any other business skills. Please send everything to by the end of 28 April 2019

At this link HERE you will find all the files and instructions you’ll need to send us your recordings.

Your email application should contain 7 attachments (if you need to spread them out over 2 emails that's fine!), labelled in the following format:

  1. Your Name Photo (jpeg/png format please)

  2. Your Name CV/resume (pdf format please)

  3. Your Name Fugue Bass.mp3/m4a

  4. Your Name Fugue Drums.mp3/m4a

  5. Your Name Les Fleurs.mp3/m4a

  6. Your Name Bucimis.mp3/m4a

  7. Your Name Solo Choice Title.mp3/m4a

The audio files do not need to be high quality. A phone recording is absolutely fine, as long as we can hear you clearly over the backing tracks. We really want to hear your natural voice rather than something that has been mixed or produced. 

A little info on the extracts we’d like you to sing for us:

Fugue Bass
Please record yourself singing the bass part from bar 33 until bar 65, singing along with either the ‘Fugue minus bass’ backing track or a metronome set to 116 BPM. Your part alternates between a more open ‘vocal’ sound and a more rhythmic ‘double bass’ accompaniment. For the ‘vocal’ lines we’re looking for a straight, clear tone with open vowels, without vibrato and without crescendos on the long notes. In the ‘double bass’ sections the sound should imitate a jazz walking bass line.

Fugue Drums
Please record a vocal percussion accompaniment for the same section of the piece, drumming along with the ‘Fugue minus drums’ backing track. The sound should imitate a brushed snare, with the emphasis on beats 2 and 4. Your main function here is to keep time and drive the piece forward, but feel free to play around with variations and accents that highlight details of the vocal parts.

Les Fleurs Drums
Please record a vocal percussion accompaniment from bar 3 until the end of bar 24, drumming along with the ‘Les Fleurs minus drums’ backing track. We’re looking for a laid-back, soulful pop feel.

Bucimis Drums
Please record a 12-bar vocal percussion solo, drumming along with the ‘Bucimis minus drums’ backing track (which includes a 1 bar click cue in 15/16). Feel free to improvise and have fun with it!

Solo Song Choice
A short excerpt from a pop or jazz song of your choice. It should be unaccompanied and no longer than 1 minute. We’d like to hear something that showcases a soft speech-like quality and some of your higher range.

Thanks so much for taking the time!